Sunflower Butter Granola


There’s a certain gluten free peanut butter granola that I can’t get enough of.  I love it with chocolate almond milk as a late night indulgence, or over greek yogurt with chia seeds and fruit for breakfast.  The only problem is, it costs around $6 a bag, which categorizes it as a luxury grocery item for me, making my inner penny-pincher clench just a little every time I buy it.


After making the Minimalist Baker’s banana bread granola this weekend and seeing how easy it was, I set out to recreate my favorite luxury snack.  Read more

#EatPeruLove Episode 2: Soul Food


With just a night in Lima before heading into the Amazon rainforest, I had one singular objective.  To. Eat. My. Face. Off.  I knew the upcoming retreat included fasting and vegetarianism and probably wouldn’t be much of a culinary indulgence, so with less than 24 hours to gobble up Lima, I went big and took a friend’s recommendation, booking a table for the tasting menu at Astrid Y Gastón.

Food is art.  Like great theater, or a sculpture that brings tears to my eyes, or dancing, food stirs my soul and makes me feel alive.  Pull up a chair and indulge with me!

Chef, The Line Hotel & POT

Chef, The Line Hotel & POT

It’s a Roy Choi kind of week!  I’ve long been a fan of the L.A. son’s cuisine, from Kogi, to Chego to A-Frame and Sunny Spot, and this week, I got to try his newest restaurant, POT at the Line Hotel.

Roy and his team consistently deliver on details and cool, creating spaces you want to see and be seen in.   And the Line Hotel sure is a pretty one.


2014-05-06 19.12.58-1

Roy’s next restaurant, Commissary opens later this year, and will occupy this greenhouse on the rooftop deck, smack in the middle of K-town overlooking Wilshire Blvd.

2014-05-06 19.12.48-1

The Line Hotel’s pool: a sure bet to be a mid-town hot spot this summer.

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