Playing hooky…

Freelancing can be rough… but it can also be beautiful.  If you let it.  My usual mode on days where I’ve been given the “gift of time” is to hustle as hard as I can.  Drumming up new work, finishing old projects, learning new skills, networking, prepping….I usually feel guilty if I take time for myself to do anything except a workout, and a little internet shopping.  But some days, you just gotta say f*ck it.  It’s okay to play hooky, in fact it might just be the most important thing I have to do today.


2014-10-14 14.03.55

My good friend Tara, who blogs about self-empowerment through dance, threw a little mid-week birthday celebration at the swanky Four Seasons Westlake Village, just outside of LA.  I admire Tara, because she is so present and alive and isn’t afraid to treat herself well.  We talk all the time about having faith that if you jump, the net will just appear, but it seems easier for her and other people than for me.  I’m still working on not feeling guilty to treat myself well.

What would happen if for a few hours today I hung with my girlfriends instead of behind my computer screen?  My main hesitations regarding money and productivity are illusions created by an anxious mind.  So just for today,  I put my penny pinchy hesitations aside and said yes.  Yes, I’m in.  Yes, I’ll hang by the pool today.  Yes, I’ll be a lady who lunches.  And pays way too much for a pedicure.   And YES, that sounds like just what needs to be done today.

What did you do the last time you played hooky?



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  • October 15, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    Sometimes you just got to relax and not take life to seriously, or else you’ll burn yourself out.


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