Closet Makeover!

Closet mess before
AVALANCHE!!! The before…

Transforming an awkward master bedroom closet into a custom dream closet in one weekend for under $300.

You know it’s trouble when your closet just heaves a sigh of defeat, surrenders to gravity, and deposits your beloved wardrobe in a sad heap on the floor.  For two years, this 3 foot by 4 foot micro walk-in closet has screamed for help.  It’s never maximized its limited space or even come close to earning the title of MASTER closet.   I asked the professionals.  After two quotes ranging from $400 to $1300 (!), neither was able to supply the storage and versatility that I need.

My house is tight on closet space, which isn’t unusual in my area, but leaves much to be desired.  I kept telling myself, “If this closet were in Manhattan, it would be downright luxurious.”  So how could I turn an NY mentality into a California reality?



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