Energy Healing at Tikkun Holistic Spa

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I’m wearing a plain t-shirt and baggy shorts, Korean spa-style waiting for my treatment with Dr. Hata.  Tikkun Holistic Spa is a serene oasis, offering not only lovely massages, facials and scrubs, but holistic treatments operating on a different level, energetically.   I’m into this stuff.  On my spiritual path, I went from being a skeptic, to finding energy work to be a very enriching, healing experience.  I had visited Tikkun earlier to shoot video with Rachel from Club Momme and Jamie from I’m Not The Babysitter, (coming soon!) but didn’t get a treatment myself.   Tikkun owner, Niki, told me I absolutely had to try Dr. Hata.  Very little was described to me, other than that I would love it.

I have no idea what to expect.

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Opening Day! Edge PAC

Edge Performing Arts Center opened its doors yesterday to a ground floor, light-filled, brand-spanking-new studio. (4 studios, to be precise)   Excited to take my first class in the new space, walking through those doors felt more like a homecoming, than a grand opening.  Familiar faces were everywhere- generations of professional dancers, from ones I looked up to on my first big job, to the crew I took 15 classes a week with when we were Edge scholarships, to the ones I’ve shared early morning call times and folding chairs with on set, to the newest of the newbie kiddos who’ve just moved to town.  I love this community.


Scott Hislop, Regan Patno, Bill Prudich and Colleen Craig.  All legends in their own right.




My bitchin’ teacher who rocks the hardest, Helene Phillips and the lovely SYTYCD choreographer, Mandy Moore.

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